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Our pets are part of our family and their care is very important. Numerous advances in nutrition and animal welfare have increased their life expectancy in several years. However, some trace elements are lost in processed foods and it is necessary to supplement them daily. One of them is iodine. This trace element is necessary for all living things and in the case of mammals, including humans and pets (dogs, cats or other mammals) it is essential for the development of the brain and the function of virtually all its organs. In pets as in us humans, the intake of this supplement should be moderate and supervised.

We offer Yodica as a formulation that provides enough iodide and molecular iodine for the proper functioning of your organs. In addition, it is an excellent adjuvant in the treatment of benign pathologies or cancer. Ask us!!

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It is essential for brain development.

Function of virtually all its organs.

Assistant in the treatment of benign pathologies or cancer.

To participate, please contact us by mail.

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